Decades of experience in the steel industry taught us that there are better ways to manage projects and processes in our industry. In 2018, KMA Steel formed a partnership and brought in steel detailers, fabricators and estimators in order to provide a truly unique service to both fabricators and contractors. Today, KMA works with over 30 fabricators and General contractors around the country, and that list continues to grow! 
    KMA Steel started out in 2012 as a small metal art company in Albia, IA. In the spring of 2016, the name was changed to KMA Steel, LLC. In January of 2018, KMA Steel, LLC restructured.  This restructure included the joint partnership of four knowledgeable and experienced guys within the industry. Through this partnership, KMA Steel, LLC is currently able to provide structural and miscellaneous steel detailing services, as well as fabrication.
   We decided to combine our cumulative knowledge and experience to start KMA Steel, LLC in January of 2018.